• Product Name:UV-900SF/1200 SFSnowflake Curing Machine

          UV-900SF/1200SF is designed for making the snowflake effect, especially used in the tobacco and wine packaging.
          It can not only used with automatic screen printing machine, but also used with other equipments. Otherwise, it can used for drying in the industries of screen printing, dyeing and printing, electroplating, and electronic circuit board etc., cooling down and UV curing of other special effects. It features:



          Max. Conveying Width (mm)9001020
          Conveying Speed (m/min)0-600-60
          UV Detonation Light Power (kw)55.6
          UV Lamp Power (kw)8×39×3
          Total Power (kw)40.844.4
          Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)4600x1840x14604600x2000x1460

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